Acrosphere 24. – 28. July 2024 in Uslar with Kiljan, Katrijn , Agustina and Matias


Acrosphere 24-28th of July 2024 in Uslar with Kiljan, Katrijn, Agustina and Matias at the Acronyx venue

How does 5 days of acro with high level teachers from Argentinia, Belgium and Germany sound to you? To make it even better : full board delicious vegan food and accommodation in shared rooms are included and to top it off the beautiful venue is surrounded by nature.

Venue: Acronyx „NEST“ Kupferhammer 13, 37170 Uslar


  • Learn loads of new tricks within a safe atmosphere
  • Main topics: icarians, whip pops, hand to hand
  • Vegan fullboard Food included (we also can adapt to food allergies and intolerances)
  • Accommodation included – we will be at the Acronyx venue with Garden
  • Besides that we rent a modern sports gym right next to our residency 
  • Option to train outside
  • In the spare time we can relax in the garden or nature, make music together, play boardgames, enjoy the camp fire in the evenings etc.
  • Language: the workshops will be taught in English.

Prerequisites – Level of the workshops:

Whip pops:

It would be nice if you are able to do whips and want to go towards whip pops now


A little bit of experience with icarians – Straight throws (like throne to throne and bird to bird) should be controlled. 


Foot to hand

High level participants:

Of course there is no upper limit for participants with higher level. We have got a whole collection of tricks that for example add twists to flips to just name one example that will keep you challenged.

You can arrive on Wednesday (24.07.) from 3:00 PM. The opening circle will be at 4:00 PM on that day and the first workshop will start at 4:30 PM. On all the other days (25-28.07.) there will be two workshop rounds plus one other activity like a guided jam with loads of personal feedback, tumbling, handstands and/or (depending on the weather) an acro hike with photo shooting, since we will be surrounded by beautiful nature/scenery.


With this teacher team we are not only offering a broad range of knowledge about a huge variety of tricks but also years of experience in teaching them. 

Kat is a passionate acrobat from Belgium that has a hard time choosing between handstands, icarians, standing acro and whip-pops! She started gymnastics at the age of 6 in a small town club ‘De Greves’ in Hamme.

Following her passion, she obtained her Masters degree in Sports and Movement Sciences as well as her teaching degree in 2016 at the University of Leuven. Afterwards she rolled into the circus-world and has been traveling- teaching – performing around Europe.


Coming from athletics, mountain biking and rock climbing I’m exclusively into teaching, performing and playing acro all over the world in the past years.

Achieving new skills let us all feel empowered –  I really love it to be part of the moment in which people surprise themselves accomplishing a new skill that seemed to be out of reach.


Today we introduce you to Agus, passionate about the air, because that’s where her senses ignite to expand 🤸🏼‍♀️

Agus is from Argentina and is 26 years old. She is passionate about movement, and started artistic gymnastics at the age of 4 and focussed on this sport for many years. Later she began a path in the circus world practicing contortion, floor acrobatics, handstands, duo acrobatics and icarians.

A few years ago, she discovered the world of acroyoga and fell in love with icarians and whip pops, leading to a process of research in this discipline ✨. Today she shares her knowledge all around the world.


Hello im Mati, I’m 28 years old and I am an acrobat for 13 years now.

I practice a lot of acrobatic disciplines like Parkour, tricking, trampoline, partner acrobatics and more.

I was able to transfer the experiences I gained in these areas to Icarians and Whip Pops and now I share them with everyone around the globe.

What you can bring:

  • Sun glasses
  • For sleeping: pilow, blankets or sleepingbag
  • (Board) Games 
  • Shoes for a walk/hike
  • If you want you can bring all kind of toys like juggling utensils or music instruments for the time outside the workshops


Early bird (for all 5 days): 350

Normal Bird

1 day: 90

3 days: 265

5 days: 390

If you want to participate but the event is too expensive for you to participate in please contact us. We will find a solution.

ANMELDUNG 24. bis 28. July 2024 Acrosphere mit Kiljan, Katrijn , Agustina & Matias